Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something Special about Mothers and Daughters

There is something very special about the mother daughter relationship. My mom is my best friend and although my daughter is young, I can already feel that bond between us.
I find myself saying things like "Let's go shopping," and "Do you want to help me decorate?"
I am something of a 'free spirit' and I love my daughter's whimsy.
It seems that she went from trying to pull up on everything and taking her first steps to picking out her own clothes and wanting to wear lip gloss.
I hope that as she matures we will grow even closer and bake cookies together.
My dearest wish is that all three of my children find their true passion and that they succeed in their goals. Selene is a tough little cookie, I know that she will do well. I can't wait to see the wonderful adventures that await us.

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Justine said...

Daughters are wonderful. My daughter is more analytical than artsy, but we seem to ying/yang each other nicely. Very cute picture!