Friday, July 10, 2009

Innocent Victim or Man Eating Lava Shark?

The kids and the dog were playing a rough house game on the bed. This dog likes anything rough and tumble, and I trust him to be good with the kids, although being that he is a dog and capable of biting, I stayed in the bedroom to supervise. They did great though and it seemed like too much fun, so I joined in. I took a quick picture of the dog and when I looked at it and said to myself, this dog is loving this game. Then we got back to "lava monster" and "attack of the lava shark."
No one could touch the floor but we had to somehow make it to the kitchen to save the dog from the various invisible evil creatures that live in the lava. The dog seemed to walk around with no problem in the lava, and even though the kids tried to save him, he didn't stay on the rocks (pillows) for very long. There was a lot of screaming and running around, accidently falling into the lava. The dog went from innocent victim to terrible child eating lava shark in less than one second.
It may be sad that this was the highlight of my day, but I thought this was one of those days with my kids that even the dog won't soon forget. I LOVE imaginary play!


TMCPhoto said...

sounds like the best kind of day. My daughter is only now starting with the pretend play; picking pretend flowers for me to smell and hold for her while she picks more.

Curtis Collectables :) said...

You sound like an awesome mom. I just want to say, keep up the good work.