Friday, July 3, 2009

Homeshows and Parities

I am unsure of how I will do this, but I plan on having a home party in October. I have already been working on a catalog and some small paintings and pendants that I am reserving just for the party. My house is under construction so I will be having the party at my mother's house. Many of my friends and my mother's friends will come if there is alchohol, so I plan of serving wine and lots of snacks.
I don't know if I will stand up and give a presentation like you would see at a tupperware party, or if I will just hang my art up and just let people view it and mingle. I'm nervous about it, but I am going to feel the fear and do it anyway.
The sex toy, kitchen and candle parties that I have been to have all been very interesting and fun. I really want this to be a fun experience for all involved.
I have to some up with a menu, invitations, catalogs, display boards and packaging. This should be fun!


courtney said...

i've never been to a home party before (tupperware or otherwise!) but it certainly sounds like a good time!

First Light Glass said...

I have a friend that has done one for her jewelry. She had it on display on her dining room table and served wine and cheese.

Good luck!

Almost Precious said...

I've heard a lot of very positive remarks regarding in home parties. Once you start talking and explaining what may have inspired you to do a certain piece you'll be surprised at how it suddenly becomes easier. The fact is that people really want to hear about it, what your inspiration was, how you did a certain piece, if you used a salvaged treasure or a very vintage item to create a truly one-of-a-kind pendant, etc. Good luck and enjoy the party sure to blog about it afterward ! :) Anna

Sarah said...

When I do home parties, I like to do an open house style...I stay "open" for about 4 hours.That way, I don't really need to give a "speech" and I can spend time with people as they come. It works good for me. Oh and one of my oldest friends is Rhiannon. I don't come across too many that spell their names this way...And I love your work! Sarah