Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Private Island Experiment

To be totally honest, as a mother of three young children there are some days when I am just feeling the need to get away from the fighting and "I'm hungry," cries of my kids. I'm sure other mommies can relate. On this day I was feeling the need to escape more than ever and wanted to paint something to reflect that. I really didn't know when I started what this painting was going to end up being, so I just started and kept painting.
There is something magical about a blank piece of art board just waiting to be painted. So much potential.
I wanted to create some really off beat color combinations and see what would happen. So I basically dripped paint onto the board.

I couldn't find my sponge, and I was feeling experimental anyway, so I took some printer paper and just smeared the paint around.
I painted some rudimentary trees and blotted on some leaves, did some spattering with an old toothbrush - just to see what would happen.

I did some splattering with an old toothbrush on and around the trees - just to see what would happen.

Eventually, I got to this point, an island. How this happened, I don't know, but it certainly fits my mood on that day.


Christie Cottage said...

Beautiful painting!

Audrey said...

That's amazing!! If I tried that it would look like my dog tried to paint. LOL
Totally understand wanting to get away for a while. Some days it would be nice to be alone somewhere with a book, a bed and a pillow.

amazoncat said...

That's amazing! I've been painting today (you can see the efforts on my blog if you'd like but they're nothing like this). I love it!

Caroline said...

When I used to paint, now escape too!(hehe) those paintings were always my favorite. You have no expectations or deadlines, just plain old creativity! It looks like you had a blast. Wish i was there with you, but i would have finger painted!!
It turned out beautiful! Kudos as always, you rock

Anonymous said...

Wow Rhi, I didn't know that was how that one came about!! That is aweome and of course, now I feel inspired lol. However, I don't think I could accomplish anything like that, trippy lines and swirls maybe but we will see what happens!----Christen