Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today's painting is of leaves. I believe that it is painting #8 - so we will go with that.

I start off with yet another tiny canvas and paint it a very light blue. I want this to be the background color. I will end up changing my mind, but I don't know this at this stage.

I very lightly block in the leaves, just to make sure this is where I want them, and that they are the correct shapes and sizes.

I do the first layer of the colors over the leaves - darkening them up. I then quickly add the fuzzy colors of the background.

The colors of the leaves need some warming up, and the background needs to be darkened to make the leaves stand out. As you can see - there is less and less light blue.

I've darkened the background a little more and I started to sketch in the veins of the leaves.

I completed the veins on both leaves to finish the painting. It was a quick one. Not my best work, but it's a learning experience.

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