Friday, May 15, 2009

Rhode Island local shows and events

I think that one of my major goals for the coming year is to really go to a lot of art events. I have done a few shows in the past, but I never really put my heart into it. I've read tarot at shows with huge success, but then not really done that well with the paintings.
The first local events that I would like to be involved with is the Providence Open Market. I know that there is also one in Boston. This is the 3rd season the market has been open, it is the state's only outdoor market where you sell your handmade artisan goods and fine art, every weekend throughtout the spring, summer and fall.
Another one that I'd like to do nesst year (I missed the application deadlind is the Scituate Art Festival. If you have never gone to this event and you live within 300 miles, you NEED to check this out. There are literally thousands and thousands of people that attend from all over the country, the art and food is amazing. There is every kind of handmade goodie that you can think of on this huge stretch of land. I was a little overwhelmed the first time that I went, but it is a must see. For me, it is a goal to be a vendor at this awsome festival.
The Wickford Art Festival is another event that I am making it my mission to be a vendor at.
From what I have heard, they only accept the 'best of the best' and the fee for a booth is much more than I've ever paid, but this makes even more of a challenge, and I love a challenge.
The Virtu Art Festival in Westerly is another fine art event that I get invited to every year, but never seem to come up with the money.
One show that I have done in years past and enjoyed was Uncommon Art on the Common in Bristol. I plan on doing this one again next year.
I don't normally do shows that are not jurried, but I may check out The Narragansett Art Festival, Narragansett is a nice town, and I know there are many art lovers there.
Although it is not an event, I'd like to join the Providence Art Club. They have many events and I've been told that I should join by more than three different people who've never met, so i'm thinking there is something to it.
Another place that I really want to check out is AS220. It seems very edgy and I may have to do some special pieces, but I want to check into it.
There are other very small shows, such as The Oakland Beach Festival, Apponaug Family Festival, New Bedford Summerfest and Summerfest Providence come to mind. I will probably do tarot readings here as well as sell art.
Being a vendor at these shows means that I am going to be a very busy girl next year. I think that

Something that I really enjoy doing is painting on the mini canvas. It's fun and it is a way that I could sell for a reasonable price. This is not to say that I won't do any large pieces, I definately will, but I think that the minis could do well. If you interested in buying any of the paintings below, simply click on one.


BrigaBauble said...

Your goals are rockin' You're focused, you know what you want and you're gonna work to get it. Love it! Wish I shared that level of focus. Have you tried focusing solely on selling your paintings at one venue and on reading tarot at another? I think that it's difficult to attempt both at the same time, which may be why you feel your paintings get the short end of the stick at shows. Also, I bet your prints will also be really popular!

Caroline said...

Wow! You have been real busy, wish I could keep up with you, I haven't done any art myself this week, you always put me to shame, but I did work in a gallery...hehehe Thanks for inspiring me, first thing in the morning, I am going to try a little canvas!! Keep on pushing us lazy artists to work!!
thanks caroline

Bellissima said...

Wonderful! I'm in RI, too and have thought about trying the PVD Open Market - I'd love to hear more about it if you try it!