Friday, May 1, 2009

Painting a day #5

This is #5 in my a painting a day challenge. I think this is my favorite, it was a lot of fun to do. I wanted to see how a darker, less intense color, makes it's lighter and more intense compliment color really stand out. In this case, the brown is a little darker and greyed down. The blue eye really stands out.

It is another mini canvas - this time a 3"x3".

It's for sale for only $10 in my etsy store:


BrigaBauble said...

Gorgeous! I love that blue eye. It's too hard for me to choose a favorite from your "painting a day" series. I really admire how you're sticking with it and creating such beautiful art as a result.

Caroline said...

It was super nice to see your comment today.
Wow, you’re a mom too! How do you do it? I am ready to drop and pull out my hair!! You really have it all together! Maybe you can give me some pointers, as my kids are flying kites behind me!!LOL
I am grateful for kind words of inspiration! I love your work too! Maybe we can work together on a project one day! Your “painting a day” is way to big for me right now. I love your stuff! I am considering a sketch a day, but maybe after the opening! If I ever get there! I need to get together a piece of work for an ad! And business cards…. So I think that will be my first assignment this week. It is getting overwhelming for me, and I really needed your kind words, thank you again, sincerely; your new friend caroline