Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Young Entreprenaurs

My Husband decided that he wanted to sell the extreme surplus of tomato plants that we had in our greenhouse. I thought this was a great idea, but wanted to add a little something to it. I wanted a lemonade stand. I had my husband make a sign. Apparently, he wanted a LEMONAIDE stand.

It was fun, just sitting around with the kids telling jokes and yelling out to all the cars. The older kids were yelling "Lemonade, fifty cents!" Wesley was yelling, "Come get some money!"

This wasn't the only thing that he was confused about.

I found a four leaf clover and added it to my collection. That's 50 now. I told my hubby that maybe I should go for a world record. I thought, "Hey if it's 500 - I could do that eventually." I looked it up, it's over 160,000 four leaf clovers belonging to one person!

I don't know if that person feels lucky, but I know I do.

The kids ended up making $23. Not bad for a tomato plant and lemonaide stand!!

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Bellissima said...

This is wonderful - love the signs!
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