Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lisa's Little Luxuries

Lisa of Lisa's Little Luxuries creates beautiful jewelry that I love because it is truly the type of jewelry that you want to wear with everything and anything. I interviewed her for this feature and this is what she had to say.
Why do you create what you create? Uh, I originally got into it for the business part because of my mother. She can only wear really light and feathery earrings, but wanted something BEAUTIFUL. After all of her jewelry was stolen (including her wedding ring poor thing), I got to work and started making her sets, beautiful swarovski earrings that were light so she could wear them and other lovely things. Happy to say she has a full collection again.
What other talents do you possess? I am an amateur actress, singer, photographer, and used to do amateur modeling and make up. I am an author and am trying to get my books off the ground. I also make decorated baskets, wreaths, table center pieces (for the holidays) and picture frames.
What is your biggest goal for the year to come? I would love to gain some momentum in my shop to help myself and my family out in our financial struggles right now. I also hope to open up a new etsy shop.
Where else can we find your work? My work is all over the net. Only for sale here, but, I promote on myspace, facebook, even youtube.

Ivory Brass Ring
Spring is in the Air Memory Wire bracelet
NERDS Memory Wire Bracelet

These are my three favorites above, but she has much more at her jewelry shop, be sure to check it out.

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