Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Serpent's Dance

I can't even describe how much I LOVE this jewelry. It is gorgeous. I don't wear jewelry that much, but I would treasure every piece in this store. The name of the store is The Serpent's Dance, and it is owned by the ver talented Amber Justice. Go visit her beautiful jewelry store.

Amazonite Spiral Hair Stick by Serpent's Dance Designs

Amazonite Spiral Hair Stick by Serpent's Dance Designs

Crazy Lace Necklace by Serpent's Dance Designs

Crazy Lace Necklace

Wayfarer Cat Necklace by Serpent's Dance Designs

Wayfarer Cat Necklace

Amber Justice I have been making jewelry since I was old enough to put beads on a string. She loves beads. You can find them everywhere in her house. In boxes, in drawers, on shelves, in her fiance's shoes, in the vacuum cleaner...so she decided to start sharing her love of sparkly things with the general public a few years ago. She has sold locally, on ebay, through various internet forums, and now here on Etsy. Her work is heavily influenced by fairy tales, mythology, history, and nature. She loves working with vivid colors and interesting textures.She works mainly in silver and copper. Her leather corded necklaces are her way of offering intricate wirework without the hefty price tag that a necklace done completely in wirework and gemstones would carry. Amber lives in a fairly rural part of Kentucky with her fiance and her pet goat, Biscuit.

Look for her silver and leather necklaces soon. She'll be doing a limited run of those to test the market. If successful, I'll offer them with greater frequency.


Christie Cottage said...

Absolutely incredible jewelry!

Audrey said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! That is amazing!!! Love the bottom pic.

Flight Fancy said...

Those are stunning!