Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is Intention Art?
Intention art is a wonderful way to declare your intentions to the world through visual art. Symbols and colors will help your psyche and spirit align with your desires. It is much like the normal Fantasy Portraits except for the specific intention is worked into the painting.
Have a clear idea in mind of your intention and send it to me. Be VERY specific. Ask yourself, What do I REALLY want? Then write it in a sentence or two. This picture below is an Intention Art painting that I did for myself. I used night time because the moon represents creativity and imagination and the full moon is symbolic of motherhood. Each of the symbols in the corners have meanings that I wanted to incorporate into my life. Of course, I painted myself a little thinner than I really am. The wings symbolize to me the freedom and ability to go where I want to go when I want to.

What is Intuitive Art?
Intuitive Art is more than just a painting. I have done hundreds of tarot readings and I work with dreams and other vehicles of intuition that I have found to be very effective and accurate. Intuitive art is perfect for you if you are seeking objective insight. An added benefit - you get a beautiful piece of original art for your home!

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