Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today is my forth day on the painting a day challenge (for some reason I feel like I just started some delicious healthy new diet) I am a little behind on keeping a blog of it though, so this is an entry of my second day doing the painting a day challenge.

I've always wanted to try sponge painting. However, because I am such a control freak, I never did. Well, the entire purpose of this challenge is to loosen up and become more skilled and creative. I had to try it.

Because this months theme in the Creative Everyday Challenge is color, I wanted to choose my palette carefully. I really like split comliments - so that's what I went with. I know this photo is blurry - but you get the point.

I grabbed the nearest thing to use as my pallette, because I just wanted to get started. My poor daughter can never use this Strawberry Shortcake plate again. I wanted to do some color searching (continuously changing the colors as you paint) so I made sure that I had a dark version and a light of each color.

Before I started with the paint I used a light colored pencil to sketch in a cartoonish dragonfly - not usually my style - but that's why I'm doing this - to experience new things. Then I got on with the painting. I thought that the colored pencil would show slightly through the paint, but what actually happened was the paint didn't stick well because of the wax, so it remained light. I was excited about this and knew I would have to use this in a future painting.

I started with the cool colors and did the background with a giant sponge. It took maybe ten seconds to do the whole thing and I was satisfied with the results. Hmmm - I like sponge painting.

I then used the darker colors to outline the dragonfly.

The green body went fairly quickly - I'm not so sure how much I like the green against the blues and purples - I wish I would've done a different color - but too late now.

The only real detail that I added were tiny dots of highlights on each section of the body and on the head.

I then completed the wings by throwing some white on the wings and randomly adding some of the same colors as the background.

Overall, I don't like this one as much as the ranibow fairy that I did on the first day, but I did a technique that I have been dying to try (sponge paint) and it only took about an hour - so it was a good day.


Hyla said...

Thank you for leaving a comment in my thread on Etsy. I checked out your shop and I absolutely love it! There is a print I think I will be picking up soon for Guinevere's and soon to be here Willow Fae's room!


Zingo Tots said...

I love the green on purple look! Very cute! I am also a dragon fly I may be biased!