Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day #4 in the painting a day challenge. As you may know, the theme is color and I wanted to try some monochromatic colors in my painting's subject. I also wanted something that I could carry around with me - as sort of a walking advertizement for my store. I love purses - so I decided to do a cigar box purse. Since fairies are my favorite thing, there was really only one thing to do.
So I got everything ready on my dishwasher - paints, sponge, spray bottle, the box and most importantly - my coffee, and settled in for the 30 seconds it took to sponge paint the background.

I chose the colors that I thought would look feminine and soft in the end and smudged them on a wet sponge.

Wet down the box ....

and sponged away.

Someone needs to take this sponge away from me - I want to sponge paint everything now.

This was the result. I let it dry completely. Because it's acrylic paint - it only took about 5 minutes.

Then I went outside so Wes could dig in the dirt and the dog could get some fresh air. The lighting out here is much better. I got out the best and girliest color I could find - pink and blocked in a fairy shape.

I then played with Wes and the dog for a half hour and came back in the house. I started adding darker paint and lighter paint to areas that needed it.

I went to work, came home at 9:15, cleaned the house, ate dinner and finished.