Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring in the backyard.

It really is starting to feel like spring. I went by the bank today and the signs that tell you the time and temperature said that it was 68 degrees. I was impressed! I went home and decided that I would skip painting, skip cleaning, and just hang out in the yard with the kids. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

It really was beautiful out, just a few clouds in the sky, but they were pretty clouds.

We found a new crocus that bloomed and it was this pretty marble like purplish. I decided that this will be my next painting - when I decide to finish the other two I have going right now.

The men folk - my oldest son and husband, decided to do some yard work. Clay wants money for everything that he does, so we offered him $1 per bag and he agreed. They actually got a lot done.

So I hooked the dog to his tie out - because he's been getting out through the tiniest hole in the fence. I can't believe he squeezes through it! But he howled the entire time. I waited until he was quiet, ( like a good trainer) and then let him free. I know if we are back there that he won't leave - and he has good recall, so I felt safe.

Selene has a new stuffed animal ferret that she is obsessed with. So she talked to it on the swing and held it like a baby. She wants a real ferret and honestly - I would get one - or maybe two, but the husband says no way.

Then she wanted to play with Kipper and his favorite game of course is ....


He's a corgi mix, so he's got short legs, but let me tell you that dog can RUN! If you saw how fast he can run around in circles over and over again in the back yard for no reason at all, you'd be impressed.

And then, like she usually does, she talked to him like he was a human. She pointed to the swing set and was telling him all about it, but he didn't seem to care that much. Maybe we'll teach him to swing next year.

Then, as soon as Wesley spotted the camera, he tried to grab it. I said no, he got upset, and Selene tried to comfort him. Of course, it worked and they were laughing together again in no time.

Then they ran around for a bit - but Beanie took Wes' toy, and he took off and hid in his little play house.

His face looked like it usually does when he doesn't get angry.

But then we all found worms and he was happy once again. The children trapped them in plasic containers so that they could perform evil experiments on them. But I stopped them. They asked if we could keep them - I thought about it for a minute and weighed the pros and the cons - like certain death for the worms - and decided we have too many pets. I said no. Wesley cried once again.

I decided to use the fact that he has the attention span of a rabid hamster to my advantage. I gave him a ball - and everything turned out fine.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

love your pictures! Yay for Spring!