Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jack Canfield (co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul," series) hosts a party called the come as you will be party. Ordinary people come dressed as celebrities. They come with signed copies of books they have yet to write ... you get the point. Since I will not be able to attend his party this year I thought I would do something similar now on etsy.Just for fun...My name is Rhiannon and I am a world renowned artist. I am written about in magazines and seen on T.V. I have millions of fans and collectors from all over the world who must have my art. I am becoming a household name. I LOVE painting and creating! I am 30 years old but I look like an incredibly sexy and fit 20 year old.I am very close to my husband and I am a wonderful mother, my “job” allows me to spend a lot of time with my children. We go walking, hiking and biking in our community. We live in the quiet suburbs in a house that is big and open, but comfy and “homey”, with an enourmous fenced yard for my six dogs.I volunteer my time, with my children at local animal shelters and raised tons of money to open up a place much like “Dogtown” on T.V. I am happy, healthy, centered and balanced and looking forward to the new opportunities that come to me consistently.

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