Monday, March 30, 2009

In reality

I enjoy things that are not as they seem.

This might look like a girl getting eaten by a shark, but in reality it's just a really bad picture of my daughter.

This is Kipper. I love this picture. Ithink that it's funny because he looks like he's angry. He looks ferocious. In reatlity he was licking his paw.

This may look like child possessed by a demon, in reality it is my twelve year old son who doesn't know how to smile for a picture.

This might look like a black and white photo - but in reality it's a drawing. Yes - I'm that good. I'm very modest also.

She might look like an old lady who's lost her mind completely, but in reality it's just my Grandmother who's lost her mind completely. No - I'm kidding, she's only slightly crazy.


TheresaJ said...

Wow, if that really is a drawing, you are amazing!

RhiannonSTR said...

Thank you very much :)