Friday, March 27, 2009

I went to an art show at the elementary school last night. We got there very early, it was just Beanie and I. So I suggested that we go on the playground. We were playing this game that involved finding pictures of objects on the playgroung equipment. I was enjoying spending time with her. Then her friends showed up, and instantly I was forgotten. She ran off and didn't look back. Now I know that this is what is supposed to happen, but I actually got a little upset and felt my eyes well up with tears. I was thinking of her as a teenager and being embarrassed by the fact that she even has a mother. I thought about when she gets married and doesn't even call me for a week. She's only six, but I can imagine these things. I made a decision last night that I must become closer to my kids. I am pretty close to them now, but there is always a way to be an even better mother. I just want them to want to be around me when they have the choice not to be.

Anyway, the night wore on and the art was very good. The art teacher did a great job getting everything together.

I found Selene's painting first. How adorable.

I can't say that I was surprised when I found Clay's art work. Very nice though.


Lauren Alexander said...

That is an adorable lion painting! Hooray for elementary art (I just got my license)

Good luck with your new parenting plan!

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